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CobaltSaffron retreats offer you the opportunity to leave behind the stress and complications of day-to-day life, to discover and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit within an exceptionally inspiring environment.

The retreats cover the deeper aspects and questions of human experience, personally and communally.

Our retreats are designed and conducted by Darrell Calkins, who has led retreats and seminars in Europe and the US for more than 35 years.

The retreats are held at a magnificent 15th century château located in the heart of Gascony, southwestern France. Surrounded by centuries-old trees, armagnac vineyards and rose gardens, the château sits atop a hill looking down on lush, quiet valleys. Facilities include a vast private park, hiking trails, pool, sauna and massage room, and 4,000 square-foot exercise space.

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retreat_darrell_calkins“It is hard to express what really happened. For sure it is overwhelming. As Darrell said during this last retreat, we have been reminded of who we are and what life can be. Oh, man, I didn’t expect it to be so big! The retreat has been truly SPECTACULAR, more than I can say. I saw the other side of the moon: I had the impression to be allowed to watch in detail how you make such an event possible. I think of the beauty and precision of the inside of those Swiss watches. It is so complex yet so precise. I have the impression that my life is just starting, that a whole new world is opening in front of me.”

— Raphaël Radoux-Rogier, Musician-Composer


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