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Events with Darrell Calkins

Darrell Calkins’ seminars and retreats are unique events that assemble talent, vision, knowledge and technique to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Participants are given the opportunity to pull back from and rise above the circumstance of their day–to–day lives, to discover and rejuvenate the core elements of mind, body and spirit. Through group and individual activities, lectures and exercises, the seminars and retreats cover the spectrum of human experience, elucidating the art of being and living:

  • Wholeness and well–being
  • Fulfilling personal priorities
  • Creating rewarding relationships
  • Refining communication
  • Transforming fear and stress
  • Cultivating inspiration, harmony and grace

Participants consistently describe these benefits:

  • A clear, inspired mind
  • Significant relief from stress and anxiety
  • Revitalized energy, enthusiasm and vision
  • More effective and creative communication
  • Specific tools for maintaining well-being
  • Greater ease in exploiting talents
  • Superior ability in decision-making
  • Renewed confidence and trust
  • Deepened personal balance and composure
  • A more constant experience of joy, harmony and inspiration



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“When is the last time you were filled with profound appreciation, enjoyed a sense of pure wonder, or grasped something significant with piercing clarity? Darrell Calkins’ seminars and retreats offer these treasures, the opportunity to rediscover, refine and heal ourselves, our families, and our planet, to become the persons we can and would like to be. Experiencing this work is like taking a magical mystery tour to forgotten places of the mind and body. Darrell’s unique and fascinating conversations and exercises dealing with intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being remain present and useful in our lives long after the life-altering, truly exceptional event is over. After such an experience, you will never look at anything in the same way again, ever.”

— Judith Jecmen, Entertainment Lawyer